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If you don't know us, it's simple!!! Just a hub for games using simple shapes!!!


Well, this is wierd. After not updating this site for a couple months, I decide to transfer an old SoloLearn project of mine into a personal webpage.

I'm not sure what to say really. It's just a really old project I started 2 years ago. As said, it was hosted on a site called SoloLearn, a programming

learning app with a code playground. You can share these code playground projects to the website itself. I remember there being a Meme generator

with some cringy refrences. I used Python for that, and so did most of my early projects.

And then, I started hosting my own stuff.

I wanted to host many websites, with varying purposes. I remember taking hours to find a decent free hosting service. There was 000webhost, but I did not know how to operate FTP.

This is when I found out Netlify. Finally! A service who fills my desires! To create! And what do I do?

I made crappy websites, of course!

I made a task management serivce, this useless website, I even hosted a couple games for a now-defunct animation channel I ran.

If I remember correctly, I made a video on that channel about me quitting for that third website.

And now we're here.

I have a beautiful homepage that hosts all of my current projects. I was not expecting 2,000 views for this website. I guess that is one of the perks of going on Neocities, huh.

But anyways, thanks for supporting this wierd endeavor, and to take from Atsuovers playbook, Thank you, and I love you.

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